The technology and how it affects to the families

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We all know how to use a cell phone; one better than other but the true is that WE ARE VICTIMS OF THE BAD USES OF THE TECHNOLOGY. We can see everywhere how people prefer to chat or maybe play video games on their phone than having a conversation when they are for example in a restaurant or at the diner in home.

WE CAN GIVE A GOOD USE TO THE TECHNOLOGY, it could be a tool for our studies, on the work and also for save great moments with our families or friends by taking a photo, but now is a trend that young people prefer to take photos to things like a cup of coffee than take a photo with their loved ones.

I’m not saying that is wrong to have SOCIAL NETWORKS, but I have learned that there is time for everything and when we are SHARING WITH OUR LOVED ONES we must use the technology for have a great moments, for share those moments and for things that make the relationship stronger.

I think that the solution of this problem begins in the families, we are wrong when we call this behavior as a modern family. I think that parents especially young parents, have to create a good environment on their home, they have to try to have a nice conversation with their kids, teach to them responsibilities and I think that all the family need to share how was the day and if it´s possible do it every single day.


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